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B222 is a student led art journal. The positions are all volunteer positions (with the possibility of obtaining CCR credit). Our team is currently composed of students in various stages of the Creative Writing & Publishing program and we are looking to recruit students from other programs and campuses.


Current Openings

Managing Editor

B222 is looking for our next Managing Editor for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Work with the Faculty Mentor to recruit additional team members.

- Host weekly meetings with the B222 team.
- Organize and hold class visits and booths on all three campuses and in various programs to promote

the call for submissions.
- Manage and update the B222 website.
- Answer all questions received by email or through social media accounts.
- Prepare contracts for contributors.
- Track and assess all submissions.
- Send acceptance and rejection letters.
- Communicate, conduct edits, and request additional information from and with contributors.
- Collect and edit artist statements and contributor bios.
- Write any additional content (letter from the editor, acknowledgements, announcement of new theme, etc. for each issue of the journal)
- Promote and hold Book sale days as a fundraiser initiative.
- Create and manage the annual budget and ensure that all expenses are paid.
- Order materials as needed.
- Request quotes and select a printer.
- Create “Artist/Author highlights” posts on social media.
- Assist other team members with their tasks (event planning, layout, social media, editing, etc.)

- Work closely with the Artistic Director for the layout of the journal.
- Proofread the journal in its entirety.
- Perform any other duties that may be assigned.
- Write a report at the end of each semester to summarize the successes and challenges faced.

To apply:

-You must be a current Creative Writing & Publishing student who has not completed their internship yet

-Be Work Study eligible

All applicants are asked to send their résumé and cover letter to Tali Voron (

Deadline to apply: May 5, 2024 at 11:59 pm

You can view the full job details here


B222 Events

Spring 2024 Launch

B222 Journal.jpg

Spring 2024 Book Sale

Book Sale 2024 Poster.jpg
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