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About Us

B222 is a student-led art journal that publishes Sheridan students' artworks no matter their field of study or respective campus. B222 is an opportunity for students to get hands-on publishing experience through volunteering and internships as well as an opportunity to get their work published and begin building their creative portfolio.

In more technical terms, B222 is a semi-annual publication (Fall and Winter), which publishes both in print and online. The online edition of Issue 1 is now available to download on the Issues page.


Our Mission

B222 wants to publish any artwork that can be represented in print. We accept literary works (prose, poetry, lyrics, etc.), visual works (photography, drawings,

sculptures, digital art, etc.), and even sound and performative art as QR codes and links can easily be incorporated into print.


B222 is committed to providing students with learning and growth opportunities outside of their classrooms. We do so by allowing students to apply their acquired

knowledge to gain hands-on experience through the creation of a semi-annual print and online publication.


B222 strives to bring students from all campuses and all programs together, as we believe that multiple perspectives, sets of knowledge, and experiences will permit us to curate not only a publication that best represents the entire student body, but also a publication with pizzazz.


The B222 team is dedicated to helping students prepare themselves for their lives post-Sheridan. We do so by offering opportunities for students to build their credentials and grow their portfolio of published works. B222 is also devoted to highlighting the person behind the art by promoting them on social media and giving them a space in our “contributors” pages.


Our Story

B222 was founded in 2022 by Noémi Blom, Emily Breitkopf, Hazel Mekkattukulam, and Stephanie Pugliese, all 4th-year students in the Creative Writing & Publishing honours bachelor’s degree program at Sheridan College. The team will grow by recruiting students from different years of study, programs, and campuses.

Although its first issue was released in April 2023, we would like to share with you the pitch issue we built, shown below.

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